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Word count recap for:


Words written: 38405
  • SnK/KH (2)
  • Oofuri (5)
  • Daiya no Ace (9)


Words written: 16700
  • Oofuri (1)
  • Temeraire (1)
  • Magnificent Seven (2016) (1)
  • Daiya no Ace (4)
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"It is vast, this space that surround us. I look at you and see a thousand things written into your skin, your movements, your breaths. And I wonder what you see, if anything, when you gaze at me."

Fragments set some time in the future, after the current third years graduate and start college. Tanba finally gives in and confesses, and for once, things take a turn for the better.

Or in other words, fics set in that Tanba/Chris headcanon I have over on tumblr.

(AO3 series page)

Nervous (AO3)
To Have You Close (AO3)
The Lucky One (AO3)
Better (AO3)
Tangled (AO3)
Warmth (AO3)
tell me (AO3)
Believe (AO3)
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Some notes:

* TanbaChris as house cats
* Chris once hurt his left front leg
* Chris as an American Shorthair
* Tanba as a Russian Blue
* Tanba is shy around strangers
* Chris is very much the affectionate cat
* Chris is also really energetic

(AO3 series page)

Parts: 1, 2, 3

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Tanba and Chris finally go on their long-awaited honeymoon. With only each other for company on the luxurious private island suite, far away from any reminder of work and noise and the stress of Tokyo, well. It's a wonderful life indeed.

Notes: Gratuitous honeymoon series.

(AO3 series page)

private time (AO3)
be my shrimp 
String Theory 
home (AO3)
table for two (AO3)
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Some WIPs I fully intend to finish. Someday.

Adult!Chris injury au

He thought it would be easier, here with Tanba.
Not like the way it had been with his father—his father, who had stood by him all day every day, going through his physiotherapy with him, counting every achievement, yelling encouragement when Chris had slowed, dragging him from morning through the day to the night, and repeating it easily the day after.
 But Tanba. Tanba is different.
He is quiet, patient. Where his father would have aggresively filled every moment with loud encouragement, Tanba fills it with patient silence, punctuated by the occasional word, the reassuring touch. In some ways, that makes everything more difficult. Tanba’s unwavering faith in him makes it all the more difficult for Chris to say, no, I can’t do this, I can’t do this anymore.

A Sea of Emotions: first sleepover

"What kind of tea do you want?"
"How many kinds do you have?" Tanba asks.
Chris gestures vaguely at the cupboard. “Pick out one you like.”
Tanba reaches up, opens the cupboard doors slowly and stares blankly at its contents, his mouth falling open slightly. Chris watches him from the corner of his eyes, and tries very hard to refrain from staring.
"You’re a tea junkie," Tanba finally says.

A Sea of Emotions: let’s google butt stuff

“Why would I want to do this if it hurts?”

“Because it feels good afterwards?” Tanba returns, immediately feels his cheeks colour as he says it. “I mean. Isn’t that what all the sites say?”

“Not the ones I looked at.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Wait, let me show you.” He leans over Tanba, reaching out for their clothes and missing by several inches. “Damn it,” he mutters, sitting back on his knees before climbing off the bed.

A Sea of Emotions: Chris’ birthday surprise

When he realises that Tanba is digging around for his boxers, Chris rolls over onto his stomach, props himself up on his elbows, and asks, “Is that really necessary?”

Tanba turns to him with a puzzled look.

Chris lets his eyes go wide in his—tried and tested—best ‘innocent and pleading” expression, and watches in quiet delight as Tanba blushes to his ears.

He jerks away with an embarrassed huff, spine snapping straight from where he’d been crouched over their pile of discarded clothing. Taking long strides, Tanba stomps past the bed and around the corner, where Chris hears the soft sticky sound of a fridge door being yanked open.

TanbaChris Honeymoon series: beach sex

"Can we do it here?"
Tanba’s eyes go wide in surprise, cheeks blown pink. “What—no!”
"But don’t you want to try it?"
"I—" he cuts himself, the pink on his cheeks flushing darker. "We’ll get sand everywhere!"
"I’m sure it won’t be that bad."
"No, it will—what are you doing?" he demands, as Chris wraps his arms around his neck, leans back until Tanba has to brace both arms on either side of him to keep them propped up.
"Come on. We won’t know if it’s a bad idea until we try it, right?"

TanbaChris Honeymoon series: 10 things

It takes him a moment to realise he’s being asked a question, and in that pause Chris swerves to fix him with a mildly confused look. “Uh,” Tanba stammers. “Sorry. Is what true?”
The puzzlement melts into something sweeter, knowing, and Chris’ lips twist into a grin. “About lobsters mating for life,” he says, nodding towards the screen. “Is that true?”
Tanba blinks at him. “I have no idea,” he confesses.
They turn to google. After about ten minutes of an impressively detailed article, they sink back into the pillows and lie together in silence.
Finally, Chris says, “I’ll admit, that didn’t go in the direction I was hoping it would.”

TanbaChris Honeymoon series: strings

Tanba swallows, grips the material a little tighter. “You’re gonna have to help me put it on.”
And a bunch of others that I’m not sure I can promise committing to yet, so that’ll be all for now.

2014 Loot

Jan. 4th, 2015 01:37 pm
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Gonna try out this recap thing.

In the year 2014, I wrote 59285 words (!!!! officially!!!) and perhaps a little more (unofficially, even more if one were to count the WIPs). This is astounding.

That near-60k included

20 Daiya no Ace (2 of which were LoK crossovers),

2 chapters of the SnK/KH fic,

1 Oofuri,

1 Ping Pong the Animation.

I am genuinely surprised by this. Thank you, baseball boys, for dragging me back into writing. I really appreciate it.


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