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Notes: The lovely insomniadiesdown drew a wonderful masterpiece for one of the scenes in this fic. Please take a look. It still kills me every time. Thank you so much.
Series: A Sea of Emotions



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Notes: This piece is very special to me. I worked on it for months, and finished it feeling unsatisfied. But looking back, I think it said what I wanted to say, so all's good.
Series: A Sea of Emotions



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Notes: Inspired by Lex's remark about Tanba being an octopus in bed. Credit for this entire scene goes to him. I'd also like to dedicate this fic to Lex. Thank you for agreeing to discuss TanbaChris with me. You have no idea how much it means to me.
Series: A Sea of Emotions



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Notes: I've been sitting on this one for nearly a week, and it's starting to drive me crazy, so have at it. A thousand thanks to Lex for taking the time to read through this when I was ready to give up on it. You're awesome.
Series: A Sea of Emotions



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Notes: The line Tanba reads out, "..the miracle was that he had been allowed to do a miracle," is borrowed, with great respect, from T.H. White's The Ill-Made Knight, page 557 of The Once and Future King compilation.
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"It is vast, this space that surround us. I look at you and see a thousand things written into your skin, your movements, your breaths. And I wonder what you see, if anything, when you gaze at me."

Fragments set some time in the future, after the current third years graduate and start college. Tanba finally gives in and confesses, and for once, things take a turn for the better.

Or in other words, fics set in that Tanba/Chris headcanon I have over on tumblr.

(AO3 series page)

Nervous (AO3)
To Have You Close (AO3)
The Lucky One (AO3)
Better (AO3)
Tangled (AO3)
Warmth (AO3)
tell me (AO3)
Believe (AO3)


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